Catalan parties: It’s not you, it’s us!

It’s dark night, hot, I can’t sleep, I can’t stop thinking, thinking, not thinking, just thinking like in circles on a unkown dry desert. What can we Catalans do? Spain’s opresion to Catalonia in fiscal, culture and dignity cannot be standed any more. And now we are fooled by our own politicians, just 3 days after the 1 milion deomstration they co-called under the lema: “We are a nation, we decide”. It turns out that noone, from the biggest to the smallest party, has the courage to lead the lema beyond, where it should be lead, in the Parliment. Saying “We” means “We”, a unit, us… not you!

I can’t believe how democracy is turned down these days and how much politicians want their power instead of duty. I don’t see anyone championing the change our nation needs, and I keep thinking and thinking, in circles. If this is the case, I am deeply frustated.

I’m very lucky though, being married to a sweet and very smart (much than me) woman just solved my dilema: “If there is noone, we will wait until there is one and keep our energy focused in moving people and society” — she said, and now I feel somehow relieved.

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