Apture: hyperlinking made easy

I like apture because it takes something annoying like a web pop-up and turns it into a convinient, easy to use, piece of technology both for editors and readers. The idea,  incubated by Tristan Harris while working at HCI  Stanford University, was motivated to avoid loss of contextual focus when reading (for example) news in the web: following a link will fire a pop-up instead of opening a new tab (or following the hyperlink in the current pag). Videos, music, maps, … any link is viewed in its context, see a demo below:

It is also easy to use for editors. Really simple to install, it brings the content editor the opportunity to link free content pulled from many free information sources, including Wikipedia, Googe Maps, Revver, Imeem, Hulu, YouTube, and Flickr. Even PDFs of documents can be linked via Scribd! And it’s free for bloggers!

What a pitty that wordpress.com does not let us use it…

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