Orwellian Spain

I didn’t realize the close relationship between color space and political parties. Yes, I know associating colors to parties is a well known practice almost everywhere. But it’s not just that liberals are blue and conservatives red in USA, or just the opposite in Spain. Before last Friday radio talk, I thought political ideology lied on an infinite line – some parties around an arbitrary decided centre and others at different distances to its left or right. It turns out that such line is more like a hue-chroma space. Hue is the political ideology (the party’s color), whereas chroma expresses how intense it is.

This home-made theory helps me understanding some bizarre rarities… It’s obvious why the government party and its opposition are not that opposite and the fact that a politician changes from one ideology to another is now just a matter of a simple hue-shift. This is the case of some local celebrities, like Josep Piqué, a former Communist now defending free trade, globalization and lobby interests in Spain’s most conservative party. Or Don Federico, a top cynical defender (you said of-fender?) of free speech, free – like free beer.

In the talk, Pere Vilanova explains when he, Don Federico and Pepe Rubianes were class mates at University. They all were studying Philosophy. Don Federico and Pepe represented the quite chromatic left at that time! I’m glad to know that at least one has not become color blind and still agrees a hue-shift is more a defect than a virtue. But when he used the so offended free speech, his work gets censured in the Spanish capital.

These sad news reminds me Ass-nar smell is still strong in Spain. His insane W-plagiarized ideology is daily stressed to half Spain by the right-handed media: La COPE, La Razón, Libertad Digital, El Mundo, … Since they all use Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four novel as reference manual, orwellians they must be called. I wish they had the dignity of reading some other Orwell’s book; this one for example.

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